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Anime & Manga Humor Gojo Gojo Satoru Gojo Sensei Gojo Senpai Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Anime And Manga . Solve quiz and find out what gojo sensei would probably think of you. Don&x27;t be offended or sad if you don&x27;t like the result because this is. pyt telegram group; grubhub chinese food; heart and brain quotes; alagemo in english; dubai clothes .
A Gojo SatoruReaderGetou Suguru fic where Gojo Satoru is endgame. Gojo's POV from my drabble Would things have been different but can also stand alone. Show more featured. Add to library 1.5k Discussion 81 Suggest tags. Strings Jujutsu Kaisen x F. Reader. 5 days ago Li .
Pairing Gojo Satoru x jujutsu sorcererreader. Summary Gojo just got home from work feeling tired as hell, good thing he has a loving wife to comfort him. AN I&x27;M BACK I was so busy and stuff because of school so I couldn&x27;t update my page anymore. I&x27;m gonna try to post more so don&x27;t worry.
2021. 5. 12. &0183;&32;cravings and namespairing gojo satoru x reader x geto suguru words 1.7k an . as the two of them delve into one of the many conversations to come revolving around possible baby names. Youre not surprised when Suguru and Satoru start bickering over the different readings of Ayaka.
Stargazing. pairings Gojo Satoru x reader, Sukuna Ryomen x reader, Geto Suguru x reader, Nanami Kento x reader. genre fluff an tonight is the geminid meteor shower and i got so happy that i saw it on my way home from work. I love star gazing and it&x27;s my dream to do it with the love of my life ;w; I hope cndyr4np0 enjoys this a lot
HEART-SHAPED BOX satoru gojo suguru get. FT yanget x freader gojo after years of watching you and gojo live happily ever after together, get couldnt handle it anymore, snapping and taking over. CWTW 0.7k wc. dc, angst, yandere themes, jjk spoilers (shibuya incident arc), one-sided love (get), jealousy, established relationshipmarriage (gojo x .
dad gojo "blackmails" scarlet witch teen fushiguro reader . jujutsu kaisen x reader . masterlist of the series CW(s) possible spoilers for jujutsu kaisen, themes of fluff, gojo satoru being a typical dad lol, headcanon type of writing i guess PAIRING(s) dad gojo satoru x > teen reader NAURRR BECAUSE I THINK GOJO WOULD ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO HIS .
2021. 2. 18. &0183;&32;You called out as you snapped out from your daydream, looking over to the two boys - two pairs of beautiful sapphire eyes staring back at you with happiness. The first in generations was what one of the elders of the Gojo clan had told you when you first brought your son to them. It was rare enough that your husband, Gojo Satoru, was born .
uno 6k vape. Home (Gojo Satoru x Reader) Gojo could feel the pressure building inside of him. His muscles are tense, his eyebrows furrowed until they ached, his neck carried the weight of a long week. Even if he was the strongest jujutsu user, it meant nothing if he couldn&x27;t protect himself from the perils of administrative work and trivial office chitchat. scarlet witch baby fushiguro
1 day ago - I Want You to Stay - Bucky Barnes x Reader . Kaito, Ouma, Fuyuhiko, Komaeda, and Saihara with a FemSO who&x27;s being bullied by their ex . Nightmare sans x child reader wattpad. He loved you, with all his heart. In Cho&x27;s fifth year, she began dating Cedric Diggory while he was a Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. com. Known to his classmates with various.